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Kindergarten Supply List 2021-2022

  • PLEASE purchase the brand items that are listed. They last longer and have less waste!
  • 2-2 pocket plastic folders
  • 1-pair of blunt cut FISKARS scissors
  • 2-4 packs ELMER’S large purple glue sticks
  • 2-cans PLAY_DOH(not RoseArt Fun Dough)
  • 1-box CRAYOLA Classic markers(not skinny; no pastels, neon,etc.)
  • 4-16cy. boxes CRAYOLA crayons
  • 1package#2 pencils(Ticonderoga are preferred,but not required)
  • 2-blackEXPO dry erase markers
  • 1 package of construction paper
  • 1-Thin coloring book(not Jumbo)
  • 1-large box of Kleneex
  • 1-package of baby wipes
  • 1tote bag(NO BACKPACKS) school logo tote bags can be purchased through the office.
  • 1 red &blue KINDERMAT(regulaar size,NOT thick green and blue mat)
  • 1-small towel or small blanket that YOUR CHILD CAN FOLD
  • 1-roll of paper towels
  • 1set of headphones(over the ear,not ear buds)

GIRLS ONLY                                                                                          BOYS ONLY

1-canister Clorax or Lysol wipes                                                             1-bottle hand sanitizer

1-box GALLON Ziploc bags                                                                     1-box QUART Ziploc bags

*PLEASE label all supplies. Open the packages and label individual supplies. You do not have to label individual markers,crayons, and pencils

** Supplies such as glue sticks and crayons may need to be replenished through the school year.