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Mrs. Mandi's Pre-K Supply List


2 cans of PLAYDOUGH BRAND playdough ( 2 different colors)

1 Crayloa brand washable watercolor paint

1 Speckled notebook

1 package of construction paper(sorted colors)

1 package of white cardstock

1 beach towel labeled with child’s name

2 boxes/packages of baby wipes

3 large rolls of paper towels

4 large boxes of kleenex

1 box of gallon size of ziplock bags

1 box quart size of ziplock bags

1 package of cheap white 9” paper plates

1 package of cheap white 6” paper plates

2 large hand sanitizer (if you can find)

2 large Lysol spray, Clorox, Microban,etc.

1 bag of individually wrapped candy( NO GUM OR HAND CANDY PLEASE)

2 large canister of Anti-bacterial wipes (if you can find

1- bottle of antibacterial hand soap

1 Crayola washable water color paint set

1 small back pack or school bag

1 nap mat (label your child’s name)

1 beach towel (label your child’s name)

1 bag of individually wrapped candy ( no gum or hard candy)



FAMILY PICTURE(4x6 or 5x7) with at least 10 or more pictures of the family members, pets, and friends that make your child happy.  You can also include pictures of fun times and events with your family. your child can be included or not in the pictures. you can also cut a few pics from magazines of characters, movies, toys food etc. that will excite your child *  These will help us to know your child better, create language opportunities, and will be a great comforting tool for your baby.

This will be kept at school all year (Please write the names of the family members on the back or a sticky note). Feel free to update throughout the year.

  • If your child is sensitive to loud noides and you have a pair of headphones to send and stay at school, it would be very helpful.

****VERY IMPORTANT**** 2 EXTRA CHANGE OF CLOTHES (shirt, pants,/shorts, undies, socks,) in a ziploc labeled with your child’s name.

  • you will be responsoble for a daily snack for your child
  • If possible, please get slip on or velcro school shoes for your kiddo.
  • if possible, please get slip on or velcro school shoes for your kiddo.